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Traverse City has a new Butterfly House & BUG Zoo!

Did you know that Traverse City now has a butterfly & bug house?  It literally just opening last Fall & it will be open for the season next month in May!  I’m SUPER excited because it is right down the road from Rob’s (my boyfriend) home on M72 in Williamsburg, MI.

Logo Their Garden is filled with plants and flowers that best showcase the hundreds of butterflies flying all around you.  Enjoy the tranquil water features, and take in the tropical setting. Butterflies are from all over the planet, and will amaze you as they emerge from their chrysalis in their viewing area, and then make their way into their garden to be enjoyed.


The Bug Zoo is home to hundreds of insects from around the world!  Check these out:


  • Tarantula Tree–A large tree that holds some of the largest bodied spiders on the planet.  There’s also education on spiders, including venomous species that live in Northern Michigan.
  • Beetle Boulder–This exhibit houses many different kinds of bugs, including blue feigning death beetles and millipedes and a very large Vietnamese Centipede.
  • Honeybee Observation Hive–Take pleasure in knowing that the bees are safely tucked behind glass while you are able to observe the inner workings of a hive!  Watch the bee dance, and keep an eye out for her majesty, the Queen Bee!tarantula Vietnamese Centipede


This is a MUST SEE stop on your way into Downtown Traverse City!

GT Butterfly House & Bug Zoo GT Butterfly House & Bug Zoo1For more information & hours of operation visit their website:

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