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Zyto Compass

ZYTO Compass

Schedule your individual session to receive a consultation, and understanding of the basics so that you can feel confident using the right oils for you!

Click on the image for a video on how exactly the Zyto Compass works!

Zyto compass

Simply send us a message if you are located in the Greater Flint area!

A Zyto Compass scan only takes a few minutes to complete and provides you with a detailed PDF report on which oils would be most beneficial to your body in its current state.

This tool is essential to everyone using natural products on a daily basis.

You may also use your Zyto Scanner to provide scans locally for people in your area.  This is a wonderful business opportunity for you and fabulous benefit for your community.

Get your own Zyto Compass!

Contact me personally at or call me at 810.423.6003 to schedule a session or a class.

Andrea Bergstrom

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