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I’m so glad to have made the decision to begin using essential oils in my home. They’ve really been a blessing for my family. I use oils daily. I use them to benefit my family, my doggies, to help us sleep better, relaxing, boost immune system, and to purify/freshen my home. My favorite way to use the oils is in #DIY products in my beauty bag, kitchen cabinet and MORE!  Checkout my Do-It-Yourself page for tons of recipes!

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I love to diffuse oils to lift our spirits, to calm my children and to help us sleep better. I also apply oils topically to boost our immune systems. People have been using oils for thousands of years and there aren’t any side effects like traditional methods. I am also saving money by starting to make my own household cleaners and homemade beauty products as well. Check out my recipes on ways to use essential oils.  

My journey is fairly new so join us as I will be sharing more posts on essential oils and how we are making them more a part of our lives even though we are always on-the-go-you can still live chemical-FREE!  I am excited to be able to my our story and all the wonderful benefits of using essential oils with you here.

While there are many choices of essential oil companies to choose from, my family and I chose Young Living because they offer the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. And while lower grade oils may be fine for some applications, there is nothing like the effectiveness, safety and power of truly pure oils.

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I love the fact that Young Living has been around for over 20 years. I love their commitment to quality and their  Seed to Seal cpromise, which preserves the integrity and potency of their essential oils. There is a large online community of Young Living members that are there share their experiences and knowledge.

Become a Member of Young Living..

There are two membership options: Retail and Wholesale

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I highly recommend the wholesale membership. You save 24% on all of your purchases, for life. There are no monthly minimums or fees. You have no obligation to be a distributor or enroll in the monthly autoship, unless you want to. You just enjoy your savings on what you want to purchase and decide when you want to make your purchase. With membership, you will have access to a large online support group to help you navigate your oily path along with other resources too.


Premium Starter Kit-The Way To Go!!

While there are several kit options to get you started with your wholesale membership, the premium starter kit gives you the most savings. You receive 11 bottles of oils, oil samples, NingXia Red samples, a home diffuser, a roller fitment, and some literature to get you started on your oily journey. That’s a bunch of great stuff! Below is some info on the Everyday Oils and the premium starter kit. Also, you can find the latest product guide here to see all of the fantastic oils and oil infused products that Young Living has to offer.



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In addition I add you to my private team support group where we daily help each other learn along our oily journeys! And, you are then able to buy ANY Young Living oils by themselves at 24% OFF from then on out – NO MONTHLY PURCHASE OR SELLING REQUIREMENTS!
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If you are ready to make that change in your life but need some extra support please reach out and send me an email.  I will be happy to help get you started! OR you can go to this link and follow the steps:

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*Make sure Wholesale Member is checked at the top of the page so that you can get 24% off ALL of your future products!*


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Disclaimer – Information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Recommendations are based on the pure therapeutic quality of Young Living Essential Oils only. Other oils may not be 100% pure or safe to use in this way.

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